Self-Assessment of Grief

Self-Assessment of Grief

No matter how long it’s been since your loss the questions below are designed to identifiy the possible need for additional support to create a free and healthy view of loss in our lives.


  1. Do you feel you need more support from your family and friends?
  2. Have you increased your use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or medication not prescribed to you; or are you using more medication than your prescription calls for?
  3. Are you unhappy with your eating or sleeping patterns?
  4. Do you feel the intensity of your grief has progressively gotten worse?
  5. Are you dissatisfied with your level of energy to work, socialize, volunteer, do housework, participate in hobbies, etc.?
  6. Are you having any increased financial, health, work or relationship problems?
  7. Have you had more than one significant loss in the last year?


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